Baton Rouge Electrical Services

Electrical Repairs

Baton Rouge Professional Electrical Repair Services

When you encounter any problems with your electrical, you need them to be solved quickly, thoroughly, and accurately. You rely on your home's electrical system every day, so you need it to always be as functional and reliable as possible. Problems with your electrical system can also be very dangerous, and having them repaired quickly is the only way to ensure that your home is safe.
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Circuit Breaker Panels

Baton Rouge Circuit Breaker Panels

Circuit breaker panels are the most important part of an electrical system. Your electrical panel is the connection between your home's electrical system and the outside world, and it's what allows for the safe and proper distribution of electricity to every part of your home. If the panel is incapable of properly distributing electricity through your home, you may need to have it upgraded or repaired.
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Electric Meters

Baton Rouge Professional Electric Meters

Electrical meters are located between the electrical panel and the outside electric grid. They measure the amount of electric that your home uses, and it's very important that they are accurate. If your home's electric meter is broken or inaccurate, you should have repairs performed as soon as possible in order to ensure that it is reliable and accurate.
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Electric Troubleshooting

Baton Rouge Electric Troubleshooting

When you have any problems with your home's electrical system, they can be very frustrating. You use your electrical system every day for a myriad of different things, so any problems with electricity in your home often lead to major interruptions in your daily life. More importantly though, electrical problems in your home can also often be very dangerous. When you encounter any problems with your electrical system, it's very important that you have thorough repairs performed.
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Permits and Code Inspections

Baton Rouge Professional Permits and Code Inspections

Electric codes and permits are designed to standardize the way that electrical systems are set up, used, and worked on to help ensure that they're as safe and reliable as possible at all times. The National Fire Protection Agency names faulty electrical wiring as a leading cause of house fires in the U.S., and according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, faulty electrical work accounts for 20% electrocutions, so it's very important to know that your electrical system is totally up to code.
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Whole House Wiring

Baton Rouge Whole House Wiring

If your home's wiring is old and/or faulty, it can cause a wide range of problems with your home's electrical system. Not only will it cause frustrating power losses and problems with circuits, but it can become extremely dangerous, and it may even lead to something as serious as a house fire.
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Dedicated Circuits

Baton Rouge Professional Dedicated Circuits

A dedicated circuit is simply a circuit that has only one purpose. The circuit is dedicated to that purpose (typically a large appliance) in order to guarantee that it's always able to receive the power it needs to operate properly. Dedicated circuits are used to ensure that major appliances which use a significant amount of energy are able to to get the power that need without overloading your electrical system, blowing a fuse, or tripping a breaker.
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Outlets, Switches, and Receptacles

Baton Rouge Outlets, Switches, and Receptacles

Your home's electrical outlets, switches, and receptacles are what allow your electrical system to function. Everything in your home that uses electricity depends on your electrical outlets, so keeping them in good shape is the only way to keep your electrical system functioning. Any problems with your electrical outlets can also be extremely dangerous, so it's very important that you always take care of any problems they experience as soon as possible.
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Baton Rouge Professional Lighting

Whether you need interior or exterior lighting, or lighting for cosmetic or functional reasons, MK Electric Man understands that lighting is one of the most important features of your Baton Rouge home.
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Commercial Electrical Services

Baton Rouge Commercial Electrical Services

When you have any commercial building in Baton Rouge or the surrounding areas that needs electrical services performed, you can count on the professional, expert Baton Rouge electricians at MK Electric Man. Whether it’s a new construction, and addition, or an existing property that needs repairs, we have the training, expertise, and experience to guarantee you the best in quality workmanship.
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Home Generators

Baton Rouge Home Generators

Generators are activated immediately once a power outage occurs with the use of a transfer switch that is installed. It then takes over as the energy source for your home and important appliances. Our professionals can help you install high quality stand-by generators that will be perfectly suited to your electrical needs to any kind of power outage.
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Surge Protection

Baton Rouge Surge Protection

If you've noticed even the slightest flickering of a light when you plug in or turn on any electrical equipment in your home, then it's likely that you're overloading your home's main circuit. If that is the case, you should take steps to protect your home from electrical surges as soon as possible. Whole house surge protection will allow you to prevent further damage to your circuit and help you keep your home as safe as possible.
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