Whole House Wiring

Old & Faulty Wiring

Baton Rouge Old and Faulty Wiring

If your home's wiring is old and/or faulty, it can cause a wide range of problems with your home's electrical system. Not only will it cause frustrating power losses and problems with circuits, but it can become extremely dangerous, and it may even lead to something as serious as a house fire.
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Aluminum Wiring

Baton Rouge Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring was at one point widely accepted as safe for use, but while it isn't necessarily dangerous, it certainly can be. Not only is there a potential for a safety hazard, but insurance companies often won't write a policy for homes with aluminum wiring. On top of that, aluminum wiring is one of the most inefficient forms of wiring that you can have.
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Knob and Tube Wiring

Baton Rouge Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob & tube wiring was one of the earliest standardized method for wiring building. Knob and tube wiring can be safe, but while it was once very widely used, it's now considered generally unsafe because of how quickly at can degrade. If your home still has knob & tube wiring, you most likely need to have it replaced. The Baton Rouge electricians at MK Electric Man can inspect your electrical system and help you determine whether or not your home’s wiring needs to be completely replaced, or if any repairs can be made to it.
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Cloth Wiring

Baton Rouge Cloth Wiring

Modern wiring is coated in plastic, but before that was the standard, cloth-covered wiring was used. In most homes that were built before 1960, there is some cloth wiring present. These wires are not inherently dangerous to have in your home, but if you start to notice problems with your electrical system, or if you're renovating your home, it might be a good idea to have your cloth wiring replaced.
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Flooded Wiring

Baton Rouge Flooded Wiring

If your home is flooded, it's very likely that your electrical wiring will be damaged. Once electrical wiring is damaged by moisture, it needs to be removed and replaced. Working with electrical wiring that has been damaged by water is extremely dangerous, so this is a job that should only be performed by a qualified professional.
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