Circuit Breaker Panel Installation & Replacement

Baton Rouge Circuit Breaker Panels Installation and Replacement

If you need to have your circuit breaker panel installed or replaced, it's very important that you hire a professional electrician that you know you can trust for the job. Circuit breaker panels need to be properly installed in order for nay part of your electrical system work properly, and this is a complicated and dangerous task. At MK Electric, our Baton Rouge electricians will be able to install or replace a circuit breaker panel at your home and guarantee that it's able to function well and efficiently at all times.

Your main electrical panel is typically a large grey box, most likely located in your garage or basement, filled with witches. Those switches are your breakers, and when they “trip,” you’ll experience an electrical outage until you switch it back on. If your breakers are tripping consistently or repeatedly, then you probably need to have your panel inspected.

How to Know When Your Panel Needs an Upgrade

  • You have a “screw-in” style fuse panel.

These types of panels are very common in older Baton Rouge homes. They were perfectly fine when they were introduced, but because of the amount of electricity that today’s home generally use, they are no longer considered adequate, and they will need to be upgraded.

  • Your breakers constantly trip.

Even if you don’t have a screw-in style panel, if your breakers are constantly tripping, your lights are flickering, or you’re only able to use one or two major appliances at a time, you most likely need a panel upgrade.

Remember: old, outdated panels aren’t just an inconvenience. Aside from causing electrical outages, they can also lead to damaging smoke, or to a house fire. Give us a call today and our Baton Rouge electricians can help you decide if a panel upgrade is necessary.

Our Panel Installation and Replacement Experts

Our electricians understand how important your electrical system is to you and your home, and we know that it needs to be completely safe and completely reliable. So we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your panel can handle the amount of electricity your home uses.

We also know that a panel upgrade can take time, and it can be disruptive to your home life. So our professionals will work to get the job done as quickly as possible, but we’ll never sacrifice quality work in favor of a speedy job.

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